Using Xero in your business? RxOne integrated with Xero will save you hours as you will no longer need to enter invoice totals into your accounting package manually. Map your supplier list to the Xero list and you are ready to export invoices directly to Xero.

Xero integrates with creditors accounts

You’ll love RxOne Orders:

  • Xero Integration.
  • The amount posted to Xero is the invoice total on the ‘Invoice GST form’ after the order invoice has been delivered.
  • There is an option to check the invoice cost and GST before it is saved in the Creditors File.
  • There are configuration options to either send individual invoices to your Xero account at order delivery, or upload a single total at the end of the billing period.

N/B – The integration of RxOne Debtors facility is to be developed in the near future.

Creditor file criteria screenshot