HealthSoft has developed and supplied a range of automation and robotic software for more than 5 years. We provide software for all Medico robots and were the first to develop software for the ALPACA and PROUD Medico Robots.

We also supply integration software for the JVM in New Zealand. Additionally, we have integrated software for Gollmann, ROWA and CONSIS robots currently employed in Australia but not yet deployed in New Zealand.”

Here is what Amrit Ram from [email protected] Clinic had to say about his Medico PROUD robot, installed in October 2015:

“The installation of our Proud machine was well managed by both HealthSoft and Douglas, staff and I now enjoy the benefits of having the PROUD as part of our dispensing team. Together with the innovative Medi-Map + RxOne platform, my dispensary is running at optimal efficiency, which is great for the service we want to provide.”

Alpaca Machine

EV54 Frontal