Unlike some other systems, we've built RxOne Point of Sale software in Windows so it is easy to use. If you know Windows you'll learn RxOne very quickly, and staff will be able to start selling with just 2 minutes of training.

In retail you want a system that is quick, accurate and reliable. And that's how RxOne was built.

You can make a sale in 4 key strokes! Using integrated EFTPOS to reduce keying errors:

  • Check customer account levels and aged balances
  • Develop customer loyalty using fully flexible clubs
  • Have the ability to extract and mail to specific customer groups so you maximise returns on your marketing
  • Find out exactly what hair colour Mrs Jones purchased last time she was in

RXONE is fast, super flexible and easy to set up.

Make a sale with as little as 5 keystrokes!

Customer Accounts 

RxOne is fully integrated, so your Club and Dispense customers can have an account linked with the click of a button. Fully flexible accounts can be set up with the existing customer details and user set credit limits. If these are exceeded a Message at PoS can be displayed. Debtors can be included in a Debtor Class, for example, grouped by Rest Home, and set up to have overdue charges. Statements can be printed or set to email to customers.

Loyalty Cards

Creating customer loyalty to your store is easy when you offer them an incentive. And when you have the ability to promote to your better customers with relevant offerings they will buy more. With so many retailers offering similar goods, running successful Loyalty Clubs helps you stand out from the crowd. RxOne Clubs is simple to set up and the benefits begin immediately. Staff can remind customers with 'Nearly There' prompts and the loyalty rewards mean they will come back to you next time ... a guaranteed sale!

The customer database generated is easily turned into targeted mailings for new product lines or promotions. RxOne Clubs will give you:

  • Our top customers and how much they have spent over time
  • Who your customers are for a specific Club area
  • Customer birthday lists
  • Exportable email address files for sending
  • Information on which customers are 'nearly there' to reward levels