September 2020 New Features

Patient History Multi Tabs:

RxOne Dispense has multi tabs to filter the different type of scripts available in Patient History. When you bring up a patient, you will be taken to the full script history as usual. When you use ‘Own repeat’, you will be taken to the ‘Repeats’ tab automatically.  

Different colours are used to highlight different types of scripts as below:   


Using Bulk Stock Edit to bulk set Under Safetynet Override:

The Under safetynet override price can be edited using Bulk Stock Edit by selecting ‘Set Under SafetyNet Override’. You will need to enter the $ value and apply to the applicable stockcard.

You can also set the under safetynet override based on the mark up % of either real cost or list cost. E.g. if the list cost of a Ventolin inhaler is $10.00 and real cost is $5.00.

Change under safetynet to 150% of List Cost will give you under safetynet of $15.00.
Change under safetynet to 150% of Real Cost will give you under safetynet of $7.50.

Please note using Bulk Stock Edit to set the under safetynet price will apply to all indications of the same stockcard.

Important note: Use this function only on selected stockcards and not all cards to avoid accidental mistakes.


New CAL:

We have created a new Cautionary + Advisory Label (CAL) for RxOne CompoundPro:

99 – This product has been compounded by the pharmacist.


Stop  RxOne from deducting the SoH of a dispensed script:

1.(Existing feature) For patients who get their dose packs done elsewhere, you can create a care facility (either in RxOne Editor, under Patient, Script and Other Utilities, or from the Patient Screen) with ‘Don’t change Stock On Hand’ ticked and put the person into this facility in the dispense program. This means the SoH for the drugs dispensed to this person will not change.

2. (New feature) We have introduced a new flag on the Dispense Status Tab called ‘Remote’. If the patient is in a care facility which is ticked for ‘Don’t Update Stock on Hand’, the ‘Remote’ box will be ticked for their script automatically. You can untick the ‘Remote’ box for certain scripts such as medicines that are provided by your pharmacy e.g: inhalers and liquids where stock on hand deduction is needed.