Lots Rebrands to RxOne

From today New Zealand’s leading community and compounding pharmacy software suite, LOTS, will be known as RxOne creating a unified brand and identity for the successful trans-Tasman business.

Previously marketed as LOTS in New Zealand and PharmacyPro in Australia, the company believes bringing together the two brands under the RxOne banner will reinforce their vision of More care, Better business.

The RxOne platform is designed to deliver lower costs, better reporting and user simplicity through core dispensary, POS, head office and compounding applications, which are unified on a single database.

“The ability to provide a unified pharmacy application platform is the great strength of our software,” says Ross Peat, RxOne director. “This drives our ‘More care, Better business’ vision by enabling improved patient, customer and profitability outcomes across the pharmacy sector – from independent community pharmacies through to banner group businesses.”

The RxOne brand represents a continuing commitment to a total pharmacy platform to help pharmacies stay ahead in the technology sphere. The total pharmacy development strategy combines core applications with payment, loyalty, aged care, robotic and accounting systems and service, as well as with other health and wellness services.

“We do the heavy lifting on behalf of the pharmacies, developing partnerships and strategies with leading providers to bring together and integrate new innovative solutions.”

“We know there will be challenges and rapid advances in technology in the next five to ten years and we’re ready for that. In fact we’re already ahead of the play with, for example, the integration of the compounding application and Xero for simplified accounting processes,” says Ross Peat.

“Having a unified identity for our customers in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific reinforces our company’s brand, which we believe is important as we extend our platform and service into new markets,” he says.

The forerunner to RxOne was designed in the 1980s by pharmacists to provide reliable and easy-to-use dispense application and POS software for the pharmacy market. It was ahead of its time then and RxOne remains committed to developing innovative platforms to drive more care and better business for their pharmacy customers in New Zealand and Australia).