July 2020 Helpful Hints


Pharmacy data is valuable, expensive to re-create, and at risk if good backup procedures are not followed. It is vital that you back up your system regularly. We suggest you do this at least once a day, and that you either use a removable back up (USB) and take this off site with you at the end of the day; or a back up service provider such as KeepItSafe.


Tidying up your Patient Titles:

Please check you don’t have non-titles in your ‘Patient Titles’, as this can cause issues with the ‘Patient Search’ function, or it may trigger a message ‘Patient name has changed’ when you try to create a new patient. In the Home Screen, search ‘Modify Patient Titles’. Check the list and remove anything that is not a Patient Title:  e.g. first names, initials,categories, quotation marks, full-stops etc.

Tidying up your Suppliers:

To keep your supplier list succinct and including only those who you order from regularly, from your Home Screen, search ‘Modify Suppliers’. A list of all suppliers will open. Note: Suppliers do update their details, merge, change their names, so sometimes there is more than one of a particular supplier.

Check which supplier is the active one (you can double click on them to open their information screen), then ensure that those suppliers that you no longer use are ticked as inactive, either by double clicking on the supplier, then selecting ‘Don’t Order from this Supplier’, or by clicking ‘Mark as Inactive from the right hand menu. If you are unsure if a supplier is active or not, it is helpful to see if the supplier list is maintained by RxOne.

RxOne SMS Messaging

If you are using RxOne SMS message service, you may have noticed that whenever you receive a response to your SMS message from your patient, RxOne automatically creates ‘Please Read’ under the event status, as well as colouring the ‘Event Audit’ tab red. This is designed to ensure that you to read the text message from your patient.

Previously, you needed to click on the event and use the button ‘Change Event Status’ to change status to ‘Completed’; now the status will automatically change to ‘Completed’ after you double click into the event.

RxOne Staff Group Setup

RxOne will be using the Staff Group feature more regularly in upcoming releases. You will need to assign your staff to various staff groups to ensure that you can make the most of the upcoming features being released.

To assign staff groups to your staff, search ‘Modify Staff’ in the Search box from the RxOne Home Screen (please note, you will only be able to edit staff groups if you have manager capabilities enabled). Double click into the selected staff member and assign the staff role using the ‘Staff Group’ drop down selection.

You can assign multiple roles to a staff member, such as Pharmacist and Pharmacist Manager. When you have finished assigning roles, click exit.*Please note, you will need to exit out of RxOne and reopen in order to enable the changes you have made.

You can create your own Staff Groups too! Search RxOne Editor’ in the Search box, then select ‘Staff Group’ to edit or add a new role. Select ‘New’ and type the name of the Staff Group you wish to create. Click ‘Save’ to finish.*Please note you cannot delete or merge staff groups that are maintained by RxOne.