Whānau Tahi, Valentia Technologies and HealthSoft announce strategic collaboration

Whānau Tahi, Valentia Technologies and HealthSoft proudly announce a long-term strategic collaboration which includes licensing frameworks to enable Whānau Tahi to incorporate in and leverage advanced technologies from Valentia and HealthSoft for their iwi and whānau support services. Whānau Tahi operates in what are often complex environments whereby the ability to access and support whānau … Continued

November 2020 New Features

ePrescribing Update ePrescribing is now in transition to deployment on the RxOne platform. We’re very grateful for your support and patience as we have prepared for its release. In the interim please explain to your local prescribers that they are obligated to continue offering patients a paper script. In order to be ready for ePrescribing … Continued

October 2020 Coming Soon

Virtual Prescription Baskets: As the Australian health system implements Paperless Scripts, RxOne has created a new ‘basket style’ system for the processing of all prescriptions including repeats, owes, deferred scripts, barcoded and non-barcoded scripts and paperless escripts. 1.From POS screen select ‘Receive Script’ button, then load patient and add prescription request using the appropriate buttons in … Continued

September 2020 New Features

Patient History Multi Tabs: RxOne Dispense has multi tabs to filter the different type of scripts available in Patient History. When you bring up a patient, you will be taken to the full script history as usual. When you use ‘Own repeat’, you will be taken to the ‘Repeats’ tab automatically.   Different colours are … Continued

August Winter Wellness

Our focus is to assist and empower pharmacy businesses to deliver better care to their patients while meeting their business aspirations. This month we recommend that you take advantage of the smart utilities in RxOne to boost your winter wellness campaigns. Identifying and concentrating on your biggest seasonal opportunities will increase your business performance and … Continued

July 2020 Helpful Hints

Backups: Pharmacy data is valuable, expensive to re-create, and at risk if good backup procedures are not followed. It is vital that you back up your system regularly. We suggest you do this at least once a day, and that you either use a removable back up (USB) and take this off site with you at the … Continued

indici GP System and RxOne Pharmacy System collaborate for Signature Exempt Prescriptions

31 March 2020 Valentia Technologies (developer of indici medical system for general practice) and RxOne Technologies (developer of RxOne pharmacy system) have integrated their respective systems to enable seamless and non-contact e-prescribing and dispensing between GPs and pharmacists in real-time. The two partners have accelerated their technology development and collaboration in order to better manage … Continued

RxOne and indici Collaborate for Enhanced Prescribing and Dispensing

Valentia Technologies (developer of indici PMS for general practice) and RxOne Technologies (developer of RxOne pharmacy system) have integrated their respective systems to enable enhanced e-prescribing and dispensing between GP’s and pharmacists in real-time. Using FHIR-based API’s, indici and RxOne now enable pharmacists to view patient clinical notes in indici PMS when dispensing.  Additionally, ahead … Continued

RxOne Transform Project

At RxOne, we’re in the process of making ‘generational’ changes to the RxOne platform – we call this project RxOne Transform. Our development team has been working hard over the last 18 months to build the foundations for the new RxOne and we’re now ready to deliver new capabilities and an enhanced user experience to … Continued

RxOne Transform Project new look new user interface

Meet Margie Peat, the Managing Director

Margie Peat is the Managing Director of RxOne. She started with the company in 1996 and has seen it through many changes including the recent rebranding. Margie is a passionate advocate for the pharmacy industry and an athletic whippet, recently winning the 8km Cross Country at the Perth 2016 World Masters Athletics Championships.

Margie Peat