Chinese payers, businesses, students, travellers and consumers can now pay in CNY using AliPay, WeChat, JDPay, or any one of 19 (and growing) compliant online banks at your RxOne POS terminal via a secure payment gateway using their mobile.

The gateway features auto detection functions to assess risks, and we carry out ongoing transaction monitoring reports which you can access via a dashboard, or in an email sent directly to you. RxOne pharmacies who use ChinaPay tell us how easy it is to use and that they feel more confident they’re not missing out on potential sales.

The payment gateway is regulatory compliant in China, is low risk, and allows cross-border payments to flow in excess of the annual Chinese currency cap of USD$50,000. At the end of the transaction you will receive the payment in AUD directly into your Australian bank account.

The ChinaPay payment gateway is aimed at bridging the gap between Chinese consumers and Australia. It delivers the tools to expand your marketing reach and to grow revenue by enabling retail transactions to be seamlessly transacted across borders from CNY to AUD.

Did you know that in China, Alipay and WeChat Pay each have over 900 million users and that people expect retailers to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyles? If a payment takes too long, they will abandon their purchase! As Australian retailers continue to integrate payment alternatives as a normal part of a purchase, it is up to you to keep up. 

To help you meet the needs of customers relying on their smartphones for payments, ChinaPay integrates with RxOne POS to make it easy to accept payment. Leading pharmacies are now deploying this latest payment innovation to create a unique and inviting shopping experience for their Chinese customers, and enhancing the pharmacy retail experience in Australia. Call us today on 1800 887 610 and make sure your pharmacy is ready.