If you own a number of businesses, consistency of stock and pricing is very important, so is the ability to aggregate data to generate powerful reports. RxOne Head Office functionality is designed to make managing a uniform stock file easy. Sales information from the branches can be set to automatically imported from branch to Head Office, and important product price information can be exported from Head Office to branch. So take advantage of special product ranging and bring all your valuable business information together with powerful reporting to better inform your decision making.

RxOne Head Office empowers you to:

  • Receive stock card information from each branch
  • Prepare store group reports at Head Office
  • Prepare bulk buy orders at Head Office to maximise discounts
  • Transmit bulk buy orders to suppliers and arrange for distribution to branches
  • Branch Transfers can be determined at Head Office
  • One core stock file can be edited with new products and prices and sent to branches
  • Branches may also have special ranges that are independent

Its better business.

Group ordering

HO facility offers the ideal functionality to create Direct Orders for the group.

  1. Access LOTS Orders from the LOTS Start Menu and click Orders. Create a new order by selecting ‘Create Order’.
  2. Select the supplier, direct order (specifying period) and click Ok.
    Head office create order screenshot
  3. A Master Order will be created. Double click each line and the item will come up for edit. You can then view stock on each branch and edit order accordingly.
    Head office edit item screenshot
  4. Once the order has been edited, it can then be transmitted by selecting ‘Transmit’. The orders will be sent as discrete/separate branch orders.
  5. The Orders will be delivered at their respective branches.

The advantages of using this facility to perform Direct orders are:

  • Saves on human resource as staff are not spending time performing duplicate orders.
  • The Group is able to have bigger buying power thus buy better.