Do your software packages offer a unique selling point?

RxOne Dispense, Point of Sale, CompoundPro and Head Office are fully integrated and custom-made for Australian pharmacies. Co-developed by pharmacists, RxOne offers a sales and profit focus, intelligent stock management, simplicity of use, ease of integration and real-time reporting. And we offer software support that is currently unmatched in the industry.

What are some typical obstacles to adoption that you encounter and how do you address these?

At HealthSoft, we make conversion easy. In our experience, any initial apprehension quickly dissipates as the team navigates RxOne and realises how intuitive and easy it is to learn. Our installation process takes into account the specific requirements of each pharmacy. Staff receive pre- and post-installation training from an RxOne expert.

What reporting measures are most valued by pharmacy clients?

Our users capture a lot of data within their everyday practices and RxOne does a great job at presenting the information in an easily readable format. Our database is written in SQL, enabling users to extract relevant information to provide customised, accurate, and powerful reports.

Business owners and managers have access to summaries or in-depth reports around margin and profitability, which provide vital information for businesses to adapt and grow in a changing and challenging environment.

With the continued margin erosion from the dispense, we’ve found our users really value the retail analysis RxOne provides.

Can you provide examples of pharmacists utilising data to create more efficient business processes?

From store and shelf layout, department trending, staff targeting, gross profit margin oversight and worst seller/dead stock reports, there are numerous ways our software can help a business and make life simpler. And using RxOne Clubs to drive customer loyalty can be an extremely beneficial marketing tool. Maximising every customer visit and boosting customer frequency rates should be a key objective when you want to lift store performance.

Are there certain software capabilities that some pharmacies could learn to exploit further?

Examples include:

  • Mobile device apps for stocktaking
  • Integrated EFTPOS to reduce keying errors
  • Intelligent stock management
  • Ability to email customer accounts directly saves on expensive monthly printing and postage fees
  • Bulk editing features
  • Sort by margin and mark-up in sales reports

How important has client feedback been in product evolution?

We value all customer feedback and it is a critical part of product evolution. We enjoy working with our pharmacies to ensure they have the tools to operate efficiently. Their enhancement requests are important to the way we continue to provide a user-friendly and powerful software program.

How often do you advise clients to also make hardware upgrades?

RxOne runs efficiently on any standard Windows computer. With the rapid evolution of hardware capability, we advise sites to keep their hardware up to date with mainstream trends. The PCs that we supply come with a three-year warranty, which gives peace of mind if something were to go wrong. We would recommend upgrading on a rolling strategy. This way you will not be caught in the trap of having to replace everything at one time. Our technical team are always available to discuss options.

Do you foresee challenges on the horizon in pharmacy that your products will help overcome?

In the retail pharmacy industry, RxOne offers huge benefits. It ticks all the boxes for a faster, better and more stable software platform. Our integrated database allows for better and more precise reporting and faster stock control/movement between the dispense and front-of-shop. RxOne does not require an expensive dedicated server, which also means reduced monthly support fees. And we have a compounding module built into our software, for the ever-growing compounding industry.