One of the great features in RxOne is the Business Intelligence built into the system. Not only does it save time but more importantly the added cash flow and increase in sales makes RxOne essential to a performing retailer.

We’ve got a good idea of the results that existing maximum/minimum ordering systems can achieve, and the improvements that can be expected when a site goes to RxOne incorporating Business Intelligence.

An experienced buyer can estimate sales to around 62% accuracy. Add maximum and minimum levels that other systems use and accuracy increases to 75% – not bad … but RxOne sites find 75% accuracy in 4 to 5 months, and around 85% after 13 months, and up to around 92% to 96% at 25 months. That is cash in the bank and increased efficiency. With the 23% improvement in stock turn you’ll wonder where all the money is coming from.

Our most successful user had the whole system paid for in 7 weeks from superior stock management … and will continue with the benefits for years to come. We know that running out of core stock lines is just as bad as carrying too much stock.

Even stock levels for seasonal changes and fad products are automatically increased and decreased. Trust RxOne Ordering and watch your department sales and profits grow.

  • Generate automatic orders from any supplier for any timeframe
  • View any stock history with 1 click
  • See which supplier gave you the better discount last time
  • Quickly mark Dead items to not reorder again
  • Generate one wholesaler order containing shop and dispense items
  • Automatically split orders to preferred wholesaler(s) or suppliers with the BEST PRICE

Using RxOne ordering, our customers have reported a saving of over $15,000 in their first year in excess stock levels – that’s a lot of extra cash-flow with no extra effort.