Running a successful business requires the right decisions to be made with accurate and useful information. The Business Reports in RxOne make this second nature with relevant reports that cover sales, stock, debtor, and club KPIs.

Product group report

A quick and comprehensive review of Product Group sales. This report provides key information about performance for a previous day sales comparison or as a monthly management tool. By including Stock Turns and Average Markups it can quickly identify which Groups need further analysis.

Product group report screenshot

Staff and sales reports

Efficient staff make a significant difference to the business bottom line so being able to target and review staff performance is critical. Average Sale and Items per Sale information can be used to incentivise and identify key staff. Now you know you can offer that pay rise because it is for a performing staff member.

Staff and sales reports screenshot

Dead stock report

One of the biggest drags on cashflow is dead stock. Without an effective reporting system you cannot identify and then eliminate slow stock lines. With RxOne this report allows you to drill down to specific product groups so you can make decisions on what stock can be deleted. You can even set your own criteria for what is considered a dead line.

Dead items report screenshot

Shelf spacing for maximum profit report

Supermarkets spend millions optimising shelf layouts with planograms. In RxOne you get the same tools to lay out your shop. Based on actual profit you can easily identify whether you have the right area dedicated to each product group.

Shelf spacing for maximum profit report

Sales trend graph

Looking at your business strategically is difficult without spending time poring over analysis of trends. Not only will RxOne optimise sales trends automatically, the Sales Trend Graph lets you quickly see how markets change or new sales initiatives have affected sales. Get an overview quickly for each product group or to share with key staff.

Sales trend graph screenshot

Debtor management

Accounts can be set up with the customer details and credit limits. If these are exceeded a Message at PoS can be displayed. Debtors can be included in a Debtor Class, for example, grouped by Rest Home, and set up to have overdue charges. Statements can be emailed or printed on plain A4 paper in an easy to follow format, with each product of each sale itemised. Statements can be rolled over and printed at a later date.