RxOne is integrated with Storbie to help you manage your online business easily and effectively. Operating a virtual pharmacy is straightforward and there is no better time than now to take your pharmacy online!

RxOne is also integrated with Shopify as an eCommerce partner.

Why eCommerce?

RxOne eCommerce integration enables your store(s) to sell pharmacy products online without making manual stock adjustments within RxOne.

With RxOne eCommerce you can efficiently and accurately:

  • process online sales
  • update stock on hand
  • track and report user activity
  • set-up online transactions automatically process sales every 30 minutes
  • create new customer profiles, when required, in RxOne
  • record customer delivery address details

Setup for integration is quick and easy even if you don’t have an existing online store.

If you have an online store that is not linked to your pharmacy software, RxOne can match your existing online stockcards with the stockcards in RxOne. RxOne makes it super simple to set-up or migrate your online store.

It’s time to move your pharmacy online to create new business opportunities. Get in touch now if you are ready to move forward!