RxOne Dispense

Better script management means quick entry, easy editing, and efficient government reporting

  • The script entry screen flows and is clear and concise
  • You can use either the the keyboard and/or the mouse to enter a script quickly
  • You can preview labels before printing, and print Consumer Information Sheets for medicines

Unified patient and customer profiles means less data entry and fewer errors

  • One single health consumer profile is created by unifying patient and customer profiles across all systems
  • The Dispense system uses the same database as the POS system to allow for one synchronised record for each health consumer, enabling comprehensive care delivery and better outcomes
  • Reduced data entry saves time

Superior stock management means more of the right products and less dead stock on your shelves

  • Our excellent stock management will maximise your selling and profit opportunities by ensuring you stock the right products at the right time
  • Automated stock ordering means less time spent on stock processing and more time caring for customers.