Integrate RxOne Dispense with POS and you have all the advantages of having one stock file and one customer file ..... OR RxOne Dispense standalone is a leading product on its own.

Dispensing software built to work with your technology today but also for tomorrow, RxOne already works with Windows.

By knowing Windows you will know RxOne. That's what our users say about how straightforward it is to learn. On seeing the market leading benefits your next thought will be 'How will my Team cope with a new system'. Download a free demo.

Designed to need minimum keystrokes for fast operation, your Team will find they are more efficient than ever before.


Script Entry

The script entry screen flows and is clear and concise. Using TAB keys or the mouse you can enter a script quickly. Also:

  • Preview Labels before printing if needed
  • Print Consumer Information Sheets for medicines
  • Claim using PBS Online

With MIMS Integration

MIMS is Australia's most widely used medicines information and decision support product. MIMS is available in print, on CD ROM and PDA as well as being integrated into both dispensing and clinical software. Independently edited by a team of healthcare specialists, the MIMS product range is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of pharmacists and other Australian healthcare professionals. By using MIMS Integrated directly with RxOne Dispense you know any significant drug interaction is caught before the patient leaves the Pharmacy. That's peace of mind.

Charge Directly To Customer Accounts Straight From Dispense

Save time by charging to customer accounts quickly from Dispense. One click and your prescription has been charged (or scripts can be auto-charged to accounts).

A Superior Stock Management System Will Add Significant Cashflow

You would assume all systems manage stock well ... but they don't. RxOne does the basics well but gives you powerful tools to increase cashflow....and it does this automatically. One of our sites reduced their stockholding by $15,000 after moving to our stock management system. And they thought they had well maintained stock levels. That alone makes RxOne worth having.