• Designed in conjunction with leading Australian Compounding Pharmacies.
  • Improve accuracy and save time.
  • Accurately track your stock levels and cost of stock.
  • The ONLY compounding package fully integrated with a PBS dispensing system. Dispense all your scripts from one program, or use RxOne for your compounding scripts alongside your existing PBS dispense program.
  • Templates for common dosage forms – save time and money!
  • CompoundPro will only store the formulae you actually use – therefore the program isn’t bogged down with 100’s of unused formulations.
  • Live inventory tracking of compounded components.
  • Dispense records including batch and expiry data for all components.
  • Advanced reporting provides an accurate audit trail
  • Peace of mind.
  • Drug short-names for complex lists of active ingredients and “smart” script labelling.
  • Formulation templates, including calculations for active ingredients, formula waste, base and other excipients.
  • Accurate printed formulation sheets for use by laboratory staff.
  • Both simple and complex pricing modules incorporating cost of goods, labour, a per script charge or all three.

Batch tracking

Accurately tracking your batches of raw product can be time consuming and difficult. CompoundPro makes this easy with safety in mind. As stock is received in store for compounding, a track list is created and batch numbers entered. These batches are then open to ‘use’ until CompoundPro calculates they are used up.You can even assign different prices to different batches in case the cost increases. Reports can be run by Batch Number, Script Number or Formulation, to instantly see where a batch or formulation has been dispensed.

Inventory management

There are better things to do with your time than manage stock and thankfully we’ve proven that RxOne and CompoundPro do it better than any human.

  • Using automatic ordering, stock is added to orders based on your usage
  • CompoundPro will identify growth products and order accordingly
  • Excess stock levels are managed down