Newsletter February 2017

Newsletter February 2017

RxOne $1 APP Deal at APP 2017

HealthSoft will be a Trade Exhibitor at the APP Conference to be held at the Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition Centre from 9-12 March. We look forward to engaging with our valued customers. This year, RxOne is bringing you more innovative features with the opportunity to sign up for a bargain. Obtain a licence (either RxOne Dispense or POS) for just $1. Start strong in 2017, visit our stand 293.Experience pharmacy at its biggest and best at APP2017. Whether you are a pharmacy owner, pharmacist, pharmacy staff, industry personnel or health IT enthusiast, there will be lots to keep you interested. While at the conference, take the tour of RxOne’s leading Dispense, POS and Compounding modules, meet the team and be inspired. 

Coming Soon to Compounding Pharmacies

We will be scheduling a CompoundPro update with exciting new features between February and March. Our support staff will contact you before the update is scheduled. Please keep an eye out for messages on the RxOne Start Menu, as you will need to close expired batches.

CompoundPro Update

We will be scheduling a CompoundPro update with exciting new features between February and March. To ensure the update goes smoothly we require you to tidy up your batch information before the update. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Use Bulk Stock Edit (Tools, Utilities, Stock Utility, Bulk Stock Edit) to bring up a list of ‘CompoundPro’ ingredients. The screen shot below shows the criteria for bringing up all Compouding stockcards.
  2. Double click and open each stock card and go to the ‘CompoundPro’ tab to view batch information.
  3. Ensure all expired batches are closed and stock on hand for these batches is zeroed.
  4. Make sure batches sitting on the shelf have been added to the stock card.
  5. Ensure the Real Cost within each batch is the cost per gram or cost per ml rather than cost per pack.

Request a Demo of CompoundPro

The RxOne CompoundPro is the leading Australian Compounding application. It is the only compounding software FULLY integrated with an Australasian dispensing application – the RxOne Dispense application. 

CompoundPro, integrated with weighing scales, ensures compounding accuracy and saves time in data entry. The powerful functionality allows for the creation of formulation templates with calculation aids (e.g. percentages conversion).

Templates can be saved for future use and reference. Flexible Pricing means you can protect your margins on a variety of formulation products. Live inventory tracking, optimisation of stock and easy tracking of stock cost will ensure that there is minimal wastage.

Request a demonstration today on our website.

Integrated MIMS in RxOne

Pharmacists are passionate about helping their patients, taking time to understand their issues and offering optimal healthcare solutions. MIMS integrated with RxOne will empower you to identify drug interactions, support your counselling and build efficiencies into your dispensing process. 



  • Auto check MIMS interactions, receive information about severity levels and recommended action to take while you dispense.
  • View Prescribing information in full or abbreviated form.
  • Check MIMS interactions independently through a number of different places.

Techie Corner

In the new year you are probably evaluating your approach to stock management. Make the process easier with a PDA device. With the RxOne program on this light and portable hand held wireless device, you can perform a stocktake of the whole store in just a few hours. Some of the features include: 

  • Perform stocktakes
  • Automatically adjust SOH as you scan
  • Create and edit ordersPrint shelf labels
  • Create new stock cards as you receive stock in (if it’s a new range)
  • Multiple staff logins at the program level
  • Scans EAN manufacturers barcodes
  • Support in setup and training is provided

Please email for details.

N.B. Before you purchase any hardware for your pharmacy, please check with our technicians that the specifications are compatible and recommended.


Posted: Fri 03 Feb 2017