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Fully integrated, fast and adaptable. Enables you to sell more, save more, and maximise your ROI.

  • The RxOne Point Of Sale system includes a highly optimised stock management system, easy specials set-up, and full support for loyalty programs and payment systems. It enables you to quickly complete sales transactions, intuitively handle scheduled promotions, conveniently display previous customer purchases, connect to Xero accounting… and much more. Unlike some other systems, we’ve built RxOne in Windows so it is easy to use. Staff will be able to start selling with just 2 minutes of training.
    • Reduced data entry saves time.
    • Simple and single point of integration between dispensing, government interfaces, and health records from other systems.
    • Ability to synchronise with your online shop via our growing list of eCommerce platforms such as Storbie and Shopify.
    • Utilising new payment methods such as our new Chinese mobile payment gateway ChinaPay. 
    • Managing your business with software such as Xero. 
    • User-friendly and provides better OTC control. 
    • Excellent specials features and capabilities.