RxOne designs and develops beautiful pharmacy software.

RxOne fully integrated pharmacy software installs easily, is highly intuitive to learn and easy to use, delivers superior stock management, and enables better margins and better business results, all on one database.

If you are ready to make the change and upgrade to NZ’s most advanced and most adaptable pharmacy system, get in touch with us.

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Australia’s only integrated compounding software, with batch tracking and integrated scales.

Dispense medicines efficiently and intuitively with better script, patient, customer & stock management.

Compound Pro allows you to accurately track your stock levels and cost of stock, through live inventory tracking of all compounded components, as well as creating and storing formulation templates, dispensing records, and expiry data for all components.  

The benefits of Compound Pro are endless, including: 

  • Advanced formulation customisation – CompoundPro will only store the formulae you actually use – therefore the program isn’t bogged down with 100’s of unused formulations. 
  • QR code scanning to input batch details – saves time and improves accuracy.
  • End-to-end batch tracking – track lists are created on order receipt, and batch numbers entered; these are open to ‘use’ until CompoundPro calculates they are used up. 
  • Superior inventory management – utilising automatic ordering based on your usage, identification of growth products, and management of excess stock levels.
  • Accurate ingredient selection – Accurate printed formulation sheets for use by laboratory staff.
  • Drug short-names for complex lists of active ingredients and “smart” script labelling. 
  • Smart expiration date monitoring .
  • Flexible pricing for your products – you can even assign different prices to different batches in case the cost increases.

The pharmacy friendly interface allows you to access centralised files quickly, receive prompts on drug interactions, engage integrated robots, access e-Script repositories and electronic charting systems. Powerful reporting ensures that you are keeping track of profits, managing workflow and, most importantly, enabling active engagement with patients. 

  • Better script management means quick entry, easy editing, and efficient government reporting .
  • Unified patient and customer profiles means less data entry and fewer errors.
  • Superior stock management means more of the right products and less dead stock on your shelves.
  • Ability to split orders by price or by preferred supplier to maximise your spend. 
  • You can store files against a patient including photo of the patient for identification. 
  • Training new staff to dispense medication is very straight-forward.








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Better business management and stock control for pharmacy groups.

Fully integrated, fast and adaptable. Enables you to sell more, save more, and maximise your ROI.

RxOne Head Office aggregates data for individual or multiple stores. The SQL database enables customised reporting across all aspects of your business. The Head Office will receive stock information from each branch, report on groups and individual stores, and has the ability to create and manage orders for the entire business/pharmacy group.

  • Receive stock card information from each branch. 
  • Prepare store group reports at Head Office.
  • Prepare bulk buy orders at Head Office to maximise discounts .
  • Transmit bulk buy orders to suppliers and arrange for distribution to branches.
  • Branch Transfers can be determined at Head Office.
  • One core stock file can be edited with new products and prices and sent to branches. 
  • Branches may also have special ranges that are independent. 
  • Superior management tool for managing multiple pharmacies. 



The RxOne Point Of Sale system includes a highly optimised stock management system, easy specials set-up, and full support for loyalty programs and payment systems. It enables you to quickly complete sales transactions, intuitively handle scheduled promotions, conveniently display previous customer purchases, connect to Xero accounting… and much more. Unlike some other systems, we’ve built RxOne in Windows so it is easy to use. Staff will be able to start selling with just 2 minutes of training.

  • Reduced data entry saves time.
  • Simple and single point of integration between dispensing, government interfaces, and health records from other systems.
  • Ability to synchronise with your online shop via our growing list of eCommerce platforms such as Storbie and Shopify.
  • Utilising new payment methods such as our new Chinese mobile payment gateway ChinaPay. 
  • Managing your business with software such as Xero. 
  • User-friendly and provides better OTC control. 
  • Excellent specials features and capabilities.